100% Organic Holi Gulal (Orange )

Holi Colors

100% Organic Holi Gulal Colors made from edible materials such as maize, saffron, turmeric, marigold, rose, neem, spinach, food based colors.
Lab-tested toxin- free; Skin-friendly, Kid-safe, Taste-safe, non-polluting & fully Bio-degradable 100 grams each in re-sealable packs

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Holi is a festival to celebrate colors and joy, not to be worried about skin irritation and pollution! Are your worried about colors affecting your kids? Want your kids to enjoy this wonderful festival with completely safe colours? Look no further!
Kailapira Holi colours are made from food grade ingredients, organic, extremely soft, lab-tested toxin free and completely environment friendly. It comes in five different colours enabling your kids to have loads of fun with friends and family!

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