Kailapira Air Freshener – Camphor Potli – Room, Car and Air Freshener & Mosquito Repellent

Air Freshener

Shop our best air Freshener and get a relaxing aroma that soothes your mood, environment, and mind. It helps in purifying the air of a room, car, prayer room, or office. It’s a natural, pure, and safe product containing no harmful chemicals. Moreover, it helps repel insects, flies, and mosquitoes and protects you from diseases caused by these insects. Our camphor potli helps you breathe better and is safe for children.

Two in one benefit: Distinct from conventional products that are either a repellant or fragrance, the Kailapira Air Freshener is both- repels mosquitoes, provides a refreshing fragrance, and elevates moods as well.

First of its kind: Its scent quickly spreads to remove and neutralize unpleasant odors. It protects you from insects, flies, and mosquitoes, and preserves your clothes from moth infections and dampness.

Long Lasting: You can hang the camphor potli by its band in your vehicle, home, or office. Experience a unique camphor-based fragrance for the next 45 days, which has the ability to keep you healthy and fresh.

No dangerous chemicals used: Kailapira Air Freshener is made from the extract of pine trees and therefore is an organic and natural product. No harmful toxic chemicals such as Naphthalene, PDCB, DEET, or any other petrochemicals causing cancer are not used.

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Not your regular air freshener  – 100% pure camphor.

  • FIRST OF ITS KIND!: No fillers, additives, or bases – just 100% Organic Raw Materials, including camphor with the lowest level of impurities, and high-quality fragrance.
  • ORIGINAL CAMPHOR – Our most popular option, Original Camphor, delivers the distinctive, fresh scent of natural camphor. 
  • AMAZING CAR AIR FRESHENER: Hang the camphor cone by its elastic band in your car for instant refreshment. Also works great in bathrooms, kitchen cupboards, or even closets, for a pleasing fresh scent and protection from mould growth.
  • NATURAL, ORGANIC, & ECO-FRIENDLY: It is made from an extract of the pine tree (also known as Kapoor) and is therefore a NATURAL and ORGANIC product, making it safe around children and pets. Breathe easy knowing your family isn’t inhaling dangerous chemicals.
  • THE HEALTHIER AIR FRESHENER: It is a healthier alternative to aerosol sprays and fragrances/repellents that contain harmful toxic chemicals (such as DEET, PDCB, Naphthalene, and petrochemicals which are potentially cancer-causing).

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