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An Organic brand of Incense Sticks

Kailapira is an organic incense stick brand made from temple flowers without the use of bamboo and charcoal. Burning charcoal releases poisonous Sulphur dioxide and gives out a lot of xylene chemicals and burning bamboo produces Lead oxide as well as other toxic chemicals in the form of gas, which if inhaled, are very harmful. Moreover, as per Vastu and Hindu religion, burning bamboo is considered inauspicious. The bamboo plant is also good for longevity and health, according to Feng Shui, so the Chinese do not promote burning bamboo.

Be Exuberant

Experience unrestrained enthusiasm and joy with shades of fragrant and organic incense

Connect with your inner self

With our purest incense sticks, experience the most soothing and calming effect.

Step into the circle of the Divine

Edge yourself with the fruity and heavenly fragrance crafted from essential oils.

Kailapira- The Mystic

Kailapira is a Charcoal-free, organic-free Dhoop stick brand where incense sticks are made from sacred flowers collected from the temples situated in the hills of Uttarakhand. We collect religious waste from various temples and offer homage to the almighty in the form of Dhoop sticks. The incense is produced using flowers which would have ended in rivers otherwise. Collected from temples, they are processed by youth who are undergoing a deaddiction course under the skill development program. In our rehabilitation program, we are looking forward to offering a platform for patients to reduce, reuse, and recycle products made from solid waste management with our skill development initiative.

With Kailapira Certified Fragrances, Transform Your Space

Green Tick Vector Png Images E1686051873631 Made from sacred temple flowers

Green Tick Vector Png Images E1686051873631 Minimal smoke because of no combustion and no charcoal content

Green Tick Vector Png Images E1686051873631 Lungs friendly and dipped in essential oils

Green Tick Vector Png Images E1686051873631 Sustainably sourced

Green Tick Vector Png Images E1686051873631 100% natural ingredients

Green Tick Vector Png Images E1686051873631 Trusted by lacs of customers all over the country

Humane, Sacred, and Ethical

Kailapira is the lean and profitable solution to India’s monumental temple waste problem. We collect tons of flower waste from the temples located in the Doon Valley, Uttarakhand, India, on a regular basis. The sacred flowers collected are handcrafted into bamboo and charcoal-free incense, natural, biodegradable, and organic packaging through our flower-cycling technology.

Today, orthodox religious and temple authorities all over India want to be a part of our mission, thereby pointing to a change against the century-old detrimental religious practice of dumping sacred flowers and temple waste in the river Ganges.

When you purchase from us, you bring auspiciousness into your life, and you are a step closer to cleaner rivers and a cleaner environment.

Let the hills and the Char Dham enter your home and breathe life into your living space!

Gangotri 4 Scaled
100% Natural Product
Kailapira Dhoop Stick

All-natural – Charcoal free – 100% sulfur free. Made from sacred temple flowers, 100% natural. Acts as a great stress reliever and is one of the best fragrances for aromatherapy. Its remedial aroma lifts the spirits, activates the senses, and transcends one into a happier state.

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Geetesh IndorewaleGeetesh Indorewale
15:31 19 May 23
This is an honest review, not bribed one. I would like to share my gratitude towards "Kailapira" products as organic and natural with unbeatable quality. I can openly say that It is giving a cut throat honest competition to other well known big brands. I am using Kailapira's product since and year. Believe me, what they committed they delivered. The raw materials and quality of fragrance and honest initiative to use temple flowers are tremendous. I want to share that they are doing a business with honest values instead of focusing more on profit. Love you "KAILAPIRA" products. Now I am your permanent customer 😃
Nikki Kohlinikki kohli
14:38 19 Jan 23
It was just magic holding natural incence stick in my hand, felt calm and spiritual because I had visited the small scale work place myself and seen how clean and pure it's making was! Would highly recommend. Use and feel for yourself.Must give a try!🌹
Rama Choprarama chopra
03:14 16 Jan 23
I bought my first Kedarnath droop stick from an exhibition , since then we use only kailapira droop for our pooja and also for purifying home. It is very smooth and chemical free. My daughter liked the quality so much that she herself puts it on everyday.
Renu Moza Kaulrenu moza kaul
16:39 15 Jan 23
Best incence sticks - they don't produce smoke and they smell wonderful, I bought Bhaghirathi and I am hooked to these. 100% recommend these to everyone.
Ekta AgarwalEkta Agarwal
15:25 14 Jan 23
All the products of Kailapira is awesome.The fragrance is mild and lingers for a long time.The best part is that it is smoke free.Most of my friends have started using the dhoop sticks and camphor
Yogesh KumarYogesh kumar
14:58 14 Jan 23
Awesome product quality. I personally like Yagya, very good and premium product with 10hrs of burning time...
Ishani SinghIshani Singh
10:14 22 Oct 22
I have ordered dhoop sticks gangotri and yamnotri which are very good in fragnance and no suffocation felt in pooja room. Its fragnance helps to maintain concentration. We loved this product.
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