Gauphool Handmade Sambrani Cups/ Havan Cups


Get the temple-like experience to make your festivities and everyday pooja fragrant and pure. Gauphool Havan Cups are handmade by our workers with the dung of desi cow and Havan samagri containing a special composition of herbs that will spread good vibes in your surroundings. Immerse yourself in the blissful aroma of this divinity to quickly fix all your body and mind troubles.

Our Sambrani cups 100% organic material that is sure to make your days lively and stress-free. Their design is concept based.

Gau Phool Havan Cups
This item: Gauphool Handmade Sambrani Cups/ Havan Cups
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Kailapira presents the best Havan cups, which are easy to use and 100% natural and charcoal free. Our Sambrani cups are sure to make your days stress-free and lively. The outer shell is made of cow dung and flowers. With us, enjoy the natural fragrance of Havan sitting at home. For each cup, the burning time is 25-30 minutes. Place a 100% charcoal-free Havan cup to experience a balsamic and peaceful fragrance around. It will fill the environment around you with positive energy.

Methods to use sambrani cups:

  1. Take a cup
  2. Add 2 camphor tablets
  3. Let it burn and once the flame settles place the cup on the sambrani cup holder (made from red soil)
  4. Then add two pinches of flower cup filling in the flower cup and 2 pinches of cow dung filling in the cow dung cup as described in the box.

Each box contains 12 cups (6 cow dung cups, 6 flower cups), 24 tables of camphor (2 each for every cup), separate filling for cow dung, and flower cup. Sambrani cup holder is made from a premix of red soil and cow dung.

Content – 1 Stand, Hawan Samagri, Camphor tablets

Quantity – 12U (6 cow dung and 6 flower cups)

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