Ganga 8″ Premium Dhoop Batti | Incense Sticks (Pack of 20 Sticks)

Dhoop Stick

In Hindu mythology, Ganga is a Goddess and the personification of the river Ganga. These rare Ganga Premium Incense Sticks are made from the flowers collected from the temples situated in the hills of Uttarakhand. The aromatic properties that are extracted from flower petals have been blended skilfully to create a medium of incense sticks that helps restore balance to the spirit, mind, and body.

The Ganga incense sticks are hand-rolled using flower powders and fresh herbs. It promotes well-being and relaxation. These Dhoop sticks are 1005 natural air purifiers. These leave a delicate scent and help in promoting a tranquil environment. To enhance burning, these sticks do not contain chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or carbon.

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  • No usage of bamboo
  • All-natural – Charcoal free –  100% sulfur-free
  • Made from sacred temple flowers, 100% natural
  • Acts as a great stress reliever and is one of the best fragrances for aromatherapy.
  • Its remedial aroma lifts the spirits, activates the senses, and transcends one into a happier state.


Contains – 

• 20 dhoop sticks.
• 1 dhoop stick holder – made from cow dung.
• Each stick is 8 inches long.

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