Gangotri 8″ Premium Dhoop Batti, Incense Sticks (Pack of 40 Sticks)

Dhoop Stick

Chaar Dhaam- Gangotri- Our incense sticks are infused with the holy water from the streams of Gangotri. Burn our Gangotri Premium Dhoop Batti and be bestowed with the blessings of Goddess Ganga. A pack of 40 sticks of our bamboo-less, premium Dhoot Batti infused with holy water from Gangotri.

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Kailapira – The Mystic – An organic, charcoal-free brand of dhoop batti that are made from temple flowers that are collected from various temples located in the hills of Uttrakhand, land of the Gods. We collect the pious waste from temples and reoffer it to the almighty in the form of dhoop sticks to pay homage, hence, for the same, we have collaborated with CSIR, India under an aroma mission to help us with the research and development.

  • All-natural – Charcoal free – 100% sulfur free
  • Made from sacred temple flowers, 100% natural
  • Acts as a great stress reliever and is one of the best fragrances for aromatherapy.
  • Its remedial aroma lifts the spirits, activates the senses, and transcends one into a happier state.
  • Contains – 1- 40 dhoop sticks, 2- 1 dhoop stick holder – made from cow dung, 3- Each stick is 8 inches long and 4mm in width.
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