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Camphor Tablet – 100% Pure Camphor Tablet (45 GM)

Camphor Tablet

PRAY WITH KAILAPIRA CAMPHOR – Pure burns completely, leaving behind no trace. It destroys all kinds of evil energies and enhances the flow of positivity in the place.

100% PURE – Kailapira camphor is 100% pure herbal camphor that burns completely without sparking and does not leave behind any residue or ash.

EASY TO BURN – The convenient size and shape make it easy to use making the flame last during your aarti.

MOOD UP LIFTER – Use of Kailapira camphor even makes your surroundings perfumed and filled with positive energy.

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Kailapira Camphor Tablet is 100% Pure Camphor. Kailapira Pure Camphor is 100% wax and hexamine free. It does not leave behind any residue or blue or yellow color pigmentation which signifies its purity and when crushed in hands it easily transforms into a thin powder form which shows its authenticity.

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